Chelsea Manning, formerly known as Bradley Edward Manning, is one of the world’s most infamous whistleblowers. Years ago, she reportedly gave over classified information to WikiLeaks who posted all the details online. Eventually, Manning was caught and sentenced to seven years behind bars for her actions.

While she already served her time, it’s clear that the government isn’t finished punishing her for her crimes. Now, Manning has been taken back to jail after refusing to testify about the information provided to WikiLeaks before a grand jury. The U.S. District Judge in charge of the case, Judge Claude Hilton, ordered Manning in contempt of court after she refused to cooperate during the hearing. Manning reportedly explained to the judge she had no intentions of testifying. Then she furthered that she’d “accept whatever you bring upon me.”

According to Manning’s attorney, Moria Meltzer-Cohen, Manning could potentially be imprisoned for another 18 months due to her decision not to testify. Meltzer-Cohen has requested that Manning gets sentenced to house arrest, but the Judge denied this request. While Meltzer-Cohen noted Manning’s medical needs, the Judge explained how the U.S. Marshalls could provide adequate health care in prison.

Manning has had a rough time since being convicted of espionage. She was granted clemency by President Obama after serving six years behind bars, but that hasn’t ended her trouble. She’s been barred entry to Canada after their government defined her as a traitor. Beyond that, she’s faced heavy public criticism.

Prosecutors hope that Manning will change her mind and choose to testify. Doing so would end her detention.