One minors arrest in Charleston has sparked both controversy and strong reactions after police discovered the youngster attempting to sell palmetto roses without a legal permit.

An officer patrolling the City Market in Charleston stumbled upon the teenager shortly after one P.M. on July 2nd. The officer recognized the minor because his police department has been attempting to make contact with the suspect about their selling operation for weeks, but he had evaded them by moving through traffic to make more sales.

After recognizing the teen, the officer approached the suspect who had an accomplice with him. One of the teens immediately fled while the officer detained the other suspect. The minor and officer wrestled until the minor was seen on top of the officer. Witnesses intervened. Both the teenager and the officer sustained minor injuries from the scuffle, and images later surfaced on social media that showed a civilian holding the teenager in a choke hold.

The teenager was arrested and charged with illegally making sales. He was transported to a juvenile detention center and was released on Tuesday. After photographs were found on social media, an investigation was launched into the arrest. The officer alleges that he didn’t intend to arrest the minor. He was expecting to release the boy into his guardian’s custody, but the boys unruly behavior motivated him to pursue the matter further.

The Charleston Police Department has requested that anyone with video footage, photographs or information about the incident to contact their office. They can be reached at 843-743-7200.