Anne Armstrong is a 58-year-old running for governor in Rhode Island. She represents the Compassion Party, and her main platform is legalizing marijuana in the state. Alan Gordon is the party’s candidate for Attorney General.

Both individuals are well-known for their outspoken views on the drug marijuana, but constituents have been thrown for a loop as the duo have both been arrested for possessing the substance. Local police confirmed to news outlets that they originally became suspicious when they received multiple tips and complaints about the couple’s home. Neighbors were concerned about a very strong marijuana odor stemming from their house.

In response, the West Greenwich Police Department took out a search warrant for the couple’s home. In collaboration with the state’s High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area task force, the police executed the warrant. Upon searching the home, police were astonished to find massive plants in the couple’s backyard. In total, the couple was in possession of at least 48 pounds of marijuana. Sadly, police also discovered a 15-year-old minor inside the home when they served the warrant.

Armstrong and Gordon were both immediately arrested and taken into police custody. Each suspect is being charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, possession of over five kilograms of marijuana and the intent to distribute. They are both being held on a $25,000 bond.

This recent arrest will not likely impact the state’s vote for governor because polls have consistently revealed that only about one percent of voters in Rhode Island supported Armstrong’s nomination.