Earlier this month, a concerned citizen phoned police after an argument with a business owner escalated into threatening phone calls. Investigators began looking into the business owner’s background, and they eventually confronted the Californian man at his home once they obtained an arrest warrant for his criminal threats. Upon arresting the suspect, police were surprised to find a hoard of firearms, ammunition and Nazi memorabilia.

The suspect, 51-year-old Mitchell Todd, is the owner of a dove-releasing business. A customer had hired him to release doves at his son’s funeral, but the business deal eventually went south. The customer and Todd began arguing until Todd eventually began leaving very disturbing messages on the victim’s voicemail. The messages included mentions of guns and even went so far as to say, “I think it’s time for you to go where your son went.” Once the victim listened to the messages, they immediately reached out to police.

Police promptly obtained an arrest warrant for the criminal threats and a search warrant for the suspect’s home. Police wanted to determine whether he really had the weapons to back up the threats he was spouting. Authorities were shocked to find 57 guns. At least 12 were legally registered to the suspect, but the others were unregistered. Police uncovered photographs of Adolf Hitler, Nazi flags, Confederate flags and Nazi memorabilia. Unsurprisingly, a search of the suspect’s business page uncovered one post encouraging customers to buy his doves because “our birds are all white” and “other guys use mix colored birds.”

Ultimately, Todd was charged with criminal threats and various weapons offenses.