International citizens of the world are shocked by the revelation that Tony Hernandez, the brother of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez, has been taken into custody by Miami police under the suspicion of importing tons of cocaine into the United States.

On November 23, Tony Hernandez was arrested and charged with trafficking drugs, lying to federal agents and offenses related to carrying firearms. The suspect is being described by federal prosecutors as a “large-scale drug trafficker” who has likely been selling drugs internationally for more than ten years. After months of investigating, police determined that Hernandez was so bold that he had drug packages originating in Colombia and Honduras stamped with his initials, “TH.”

Investigators also learned that Hernandez frequently arranged the transportation of drug shipments. In a shocking revelation, he even utilized his country’s national police force to help move some of the shipments. It’s also alleged that Hernandez took bribes and paid out bribes to help transport the drugs internationally. Hernandez is accused of paying off several law enforcement officials to keep his drug shipments a secret.

These horrific findings are becoming public at the worst time. Thousands of migrants who have recently been traveling with a caravan and attempting to flood the border are believed to be coming from Honduras. One DEA agent, Raymond Donovan, explained his belief that Hernandez has worked tirelessly to flood the American streets with drugs.

After learning about his brother’s arrest, the president of Honduras issued a statement. He explained, “no one is above the law, and every person must have the right to a legitimate defense and be presumed innocent.”