This year, social media stars have been under serious public scrutiny. While the early days of social media offered a shield of anonymity, today’s internet is a completely different place almost devoid of any privacy at all.

One infamous social media star who goes by the name of “Asian Nazi” was just arrested last Friday. He was served a federal warrant by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. One spokesperson for the U.S. Marshals Service explained that the warrant was served because of the suspect’s actions when recently purchasing firearms. According to officials, the suspect willingly made false statements when buying weapons.

“Asian Nazi” is most well-known for his viral YouTube video that features himself dressed as a Confederate cavalry member. In the video, he sings “Dixie”. He is also well-known for appearing in interviews and spouting his distasteful opinions. He is known to prominently feature imagery and opinions related to the Confederacy, Nazi party and alt-right groups. Since his arrest, his social media accounts have all been deleted.

Heon “Hank” Jong Yoo was arrested and detained at the Smith County Jail without bond. The Department of Justice has stated that his warrant is currently sealed, but more information will become available as investigations continue. Yoo admitted to news reporters that he claims to be a “Neo Confederate,” and that he was exercising his First Amendment rights by voicing his opinions online. In 2016, Yoo was seen at the University of North Texas waving a confederate flag around. He admitted he was attempting to “rile up as many liberals as possible” with his stunts.