One Krispy Kreme employee is under serious public scrutiny after trying to bribe police not to arrest him by offering them free donuts from his place of employment.

Matthew Rosenberg, a 25-year-old resident of Maryland, was walking around a parking lot in the middle of the night when Frederick Police officers approached him. The officers questioned the suspect and another unidentified man who was with him about their intentions. Detectives witnessed the two peeking into parked cars in the area, so they believed the duo may have been planning on breaking into the cars to steal.

Police ordered the two men to stop for questioning, but Rosenberg refused. He began walking away, so police began to pursue him. A struggle ensued, and the suspect was kneed in the stomach by officers. They searched the suspect and found both an air pistol and a small bag full of illegal marijuana. The police began to arrest the suspect for the illegal substance when he began offering the free donuts.

Initially, officers believed the suspect was joking, but he continued to make the same offer repeatedly. When officers refused, Rosenberg then began to offer the police money to let him go free. Despite his offers, Rosenberg was arrested and taken into police custody. The other unidentified man was not arrested or charged in the incident.

The suspect was later released from jail on his own recognizance after signing a written promise to return for his court date. He is being charged with resisting arrest and attempting to bribe a public employee.