The Hollywood Reporter tells us the alleged Trump Hollywood Star vandal has pleaded not guilty in court. Clay Austin, 24, is defending his actions as a “rightful and just act” in response to felony vandalism charges against him. Austin allegedly destroyed the star with a pickaxe on the Walk of Fame last month in Los Angeles.

The crime took place on July 25, and the marker on the star was completely destroyed, leaving a gaping hole in the cement. Austin turned himself in to authorities just hours after the incident occurred.

After his court appearance, he told the media he “wanted to bring about positive political change.” His next court date is September 21.

If convicted, Austin faces a maximum of three years in jail.

In a similar case in 2016, James Lambert Otis, 53, was videotaped while he destroyed the same star with a jackhammer and pickaxe. He pleaded no contest to the felony vandalism charge filed against him. Otis told the people who taped the vandalism that he was doing so due to remarks that Trump made about sexual assault on the Billy Bush tape.

*Photo credit The Hollywood Reporter