A former 911 operator stationed in Houston, Texas has been arrested on charges of interfering with emergency calls. The operator, Crenshanda Williams, allegedly hung up on several individuals in need of emergency assistance.

The Harris County district attorney’s office confirmed that Williams had systematically hung up on people calling about speeding vehicles, robberies and even murder. She served as a 911 operator for over 18 months, but police haven’t made public just how many desperate individuals were refused help during this time. News reporters are estimating that “thousands” of people were refused aid in their time of need. Thankfully, the district attorney’s office keeps a record of whether agents disconnect callers, so they had enough evidence to secure a conviction.

Astonishingly, Williams admitted to repeatedly hanging up on people. The excuse she provided to police was that she didn’t want to talk to anyone at those times. Apparently, the suspect amassed a suspicious amount of 20-second-long calls which prompted the original investigations.

The actions of Williams deliberately kept innocent individuals in harmful, life-threatening situations from reaching emergency services. Her trial lasted three days in court. The judge was not lenient on the former operator, and her excuses were not taken lightly by the court. Public servants have a responsibility to uphold their duty and protect the best interests of citizens calling in for help. After being found guilty, she will spend ten days in jail. After serving time, she will spend the next 18 months on probation.