Police in Hot Springs are pleasantly surprised after one man’s accidental 911 call led to three successful arrests. The strange incident began on October 7th when 54-year-old Robert Dark accidentally butt dialed 911.

Dispatch received the accidental 911 call. Per protocol, dispatchers took the 911 call seriously, so they continued to listen in on the background conversation to discern whether the caller was in a threatening situation or not. Dispatchers overheard someone bragging about stealing from multiple business areas while also making a deal to purchase illegal methamphetamine.

The dispatcher forwarded the information to the Hot Springs Police Department who utilized the Smart 911 system to locate the original caller. The officers tracked down Robert Dark at the Exxon gas station on Central and Grand Avenues. As police attempted to pull Dark over, they noticed him throwing a bag underneath his vehicle.

Police discovered two other suspects inside the vehicle: 43-year-old Wendi Barfield and 29-year-old Oceaonna Robinson. Police searched the vehicle and determined that all three individuals were in possession of both methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. All three suspects were arrested for possession. Oceaonna Robinson also had an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in court twice. The three individuals have been detained at the Garland County Detention Center.

Cpl. Joey Williams, an officer with the Hot Springs Police Department, explained that he has never seen anything like this bizarre accidental confession in his 18 years working in law enforcement. He quipped, “If anyone wants to call 911 and confess crimes, we’re listening.”