September 4th marked the first day of the Senate’s confirmation hearings regarding President Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court. President Trump’s nomination, while not yet confirmed, has already stirred up a major controversy across the country, and Tuesday’s hearing was unsurprisingly packed with dozens of protesters hoping to prevent Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

During the opening remarks of the Senate Judiciary Committee, protesters can be heard shouting and distracting the senators. The hearing was being broadcast live, and many of the demonstrators appeared to be women. The distractions became increasingly detrimental to the committee. Within the first hour of the proceedings, 22 protesters had been taken into police custody and charged with disorderly conduct.

Capitol Police released a statement on September 4th. They confirmed that they had to respond to “numerous incidents of unlawful demonstration activities” that occurred simultaneously with the Senate’s Judiciary Committee hearings. An incredible 70 different individuals were forcibly removed from the Senate office building and charged with various crimes.

61 individuals were arrested for disorderly conduct, and the other nine suspects were charged with crowding, incommoding, obstructing justice and carrying out unlawful demonstration activities. Bob Bland, Linda Sarsour and Piper Perabo were among the more recognizable names on the arrest list.

The resulting chaos of the continual interruptions prevented a full day’s work at the office. By the end of September 4, Kavanaugh was formally introduced and shared his opening remarks to the committee but little else was achieved. Several Democratic senators asked the hearings to be completely adjourned to give everyone a chance to review an overwhelming 42,000 pages of documents regarding Kavanaugh’s past.