The Associated Press reports that the kidnapping suspect who allegedly took a teenager from her home after murdering her parents is now being held on $5 million cash bail. In Barron, Wisconsin, Jake Thomas Patterson, 21, has been charged with a count of kidnapping, one count of armed burglary and two counts of first-degree homicide.

The District Attorney argued that Patterson was a flight risk and danger to the public. The judge agreed, and further instructed Patterson he was to not have any contact with the victim if he posted bail. Patterson did not speak at the hearing except to confirm his name and address. He also agreed to waive his right to a speedy preliminary hearing.

Patterson reportedly joined the Marines after graduating high school, but was prematurely discharged after only five weeks. He allegedly killed the teen’s parents in October of 2018 before abducting her.

He now says he planned to take her after spotting her at a bus stop, but he didn’t know her identity. He then used his father’s gun to carry out the crime and disguised himself, as well as replaced his license plate with a stolen one.

While the teen was in his captivity, he kept her under a bed and at times went 12 hours without giving her food, water or bathroom breaks.

The victim tells police she crawled out from under the bed one day when he was gone for five or six hours and fled the house. He took her from her home and put her in his trunk after she tried to hide from him during the break-in.

*Photo credit NBC News, Barron County Sheriff’s Dept.