A third suspect has been arrested as the investigation into the shooting at the Fashion Place Mall in Utah continues.

On January 13th, shoppers at the Salt Lake City shopping mall reported seeing rival gang members in an altercation prior to the incident. Several members of the different groups were verbally arguing just before patrons began hearing gunshots.

Fire alarms were triggered within the mall sending hundreds of customers fleeing towards the exits. Initial reports suggest that no bystanders were hit or injured during the ordeal.

Two individuals were wounded by bullets, but police have confirmed that they were both gang members involved in the original altercation. It appears that one gang member from each side was wounded before the others scattered.

Initially, two 19-year-old suspects were arrested on the scene.

The two suspects were both charged with attempted aggravated murder, but it remains unclear whether they actually fired the weapons or not. They have been identified as Jesus J. Payan-Mendoza and Jorge Crecencio-Gonzalez.

On Wednesday, a third suspect was apprehended. 20-year-old Flaviano Aguilar has been charged with obstruction of justice and inciting a riot. Investigators determined he was the individual who pulled his firearm out first during the argument, which prompted the shooting.

Investigators also believe Aguilar sent an unknown suspect (likely the shooter) money to help him evade capture after the mall shooting.

Later in the day, two other gang members were apprehended: 20-year-old Arian Huerta and 18-year-old Steven Perez-Hernandez. The two suspects are alleged to be a part of the Florencia 13 gang.

Despite the five arrests so far, police still believe the two individuals who actually shot firearms remain on the loose.