Thousands of demonstrators participated in a strike outside of the Marriott Marquis on October 12 that led to the arrest of 41 workers.

According to San Francisco Police, the protesters crowded around Mission and 4th Streets during the late afternoon to demand better workplace safety, higher wages and greater job security. The workers were employees of Marriott hotel, and many were members of a union. The strike, which has accumulated about 3,000 Bay Area employees, has been ongoing for about a week. About 2,500 workers simultaneously abandoned their posts in seven different Marriott locations last week as part of their strike. Demonstrators have taken their platform to both the streets and social media.

Union representatives confirmed that the protest crossed the line into an act of “mass peaceful civil disobedience” when some of the demonstrators decided to step away from the sidewalk and into the roadway. Multiple people in the roadway caused a traffic disturbance, so San Francisco Police officers were forced to respond.

Authorities temporarily blocked traffic traveling down the roadway as they attempted to usher the demonstrators back onto the sidewalk. Many individuals failed to comply with police orders, so they were detained and placed in wrist restraints. Officers conducted brief searches of the individuals who were detained as their co-protesters cheered them on. Overall, 41 adults were arrested for blocking the roadway and failing to comply with the authorities. Anand Singh, the president of Unite Here Local 2, and Wei-Ling Huber, the president of Unite Here Local 2850, were among those arrested.