Hearst Newspapers reports that a woman has been sentenced to life in prison for the shooting death of her ex-boyfriend. The shooting took place in public in 2016, when Veronica Staley, 36, killed Aljosa Memovic, then 30 years old. She shot him in the middle of the day in Houston in May 2016 in a parking lot. Staley pleaded guilty to murder charges.

On the day in question, Staley agreed to meet Memovic in the lot and was waiting on him. When he arrived, she fired a gun at him and he ran away before collapsing. After he fell down, Staley stood over him and shot him multiple times before running away from the scene.

Staley initially recalled that she had been in the parking lot, but didn’t remember shooting Memovic. Later, she admitted to shooting him multiple times.

*Photo credit HPD