Michael Hancock, a 29-year-old Uber driver, has been arrested by Denver County police in connection with a fatal shooting that occurred in his vehicle. He has not yet been charged with the death of his passenger, but he is being held in jail while the first-degree murder is being investigated.

Authorities first became aware of the incident when a witness called 911 for help with an apparent shooting. The witness told police that a man had approached him and explained that he had shot a person attempting to attack him in his vehicle. Police discovered the vehicle in question, a sedan registered to the suspect, stopped in the middle of a traffic ramp. The deceased victim was found on the floor board in the front passenger seat with gunshot wounds.

The victim was taken to the hospital, and medical staff identified him as 45-year-old Hyun Kim. The suspect, Hancock, was tracked down by police. They seized his semi-automatic pistol used in the crime, collected several spent cartridges on the highway and arrested the Uber driver.

Investigators found enough probable cause evidence indicating Hancock discharged his weapon and fatally killed the victim. The entire event appears to be connected to an Uber trip, but Uber confirmed that drivers are not permitted to carry their weapons while driving for the company.

Despite working for the company for over three years, Uber has removed Hancock’s access to the app. The company released a statement explaining their sadness over the incident and confirming their entire cooperation with police during the investigation.