Both 31-year-old Daquan Wheeler and 30-year-old Ciara Martinez have been taken into police custody under the suspicion of murdering 25-year-old Lisa Marie Velasquez.

Lisa Velasquez was last seen on August 21st. According to family members, she ran out of her Melrose apartment in a rush. Lisa told her mother that she had to go help a friend who was in danger.

Last Thursday, authorities discovered two bags with human remains inside at Crotona Park. After analyzing the remains, police released an initial sketch of the victim. On August 28th, more bags of body parts were discovered in a different area, Barretto Point Park. This time, police were able to positively identify the remains as Lisa Velasquez. Autopsy reports confirmed the cause of death as severe trauma to the head. The medical examiner believes Velasquez was murdered with multiple blows to the head from a hammer.

Daquan Wheeler and Ciara Martinez have both been charged with manslaughter, murder, concealment of a human corpse, criminal possession of a weapon and tampering with physical evidence. The two were allegedly a dating couple who were friendly with Velasquez.

Velasquez was rushing out of her apartment the last time she was seen to reportedly assist Martinez. Martinez and her boyfriend were allegedly fighting, but it remains unclear whether domestic abuse was a factor in this incident. Police were reportedly called out to the couple’s residence that evening and had filed a report for a domestic dispute. As Martinez was being led out of her home into police custody, she allegedly yelled, “She was my friend! I loved her.”