A tragic and fatal accident occurred in Rosemount when a giant unsecured rock fell from a commercial truck and collided with another vehicle.

The 800-pound rock smashed into a Toyota Avalon and completely crushed the entire car. The passengers, 67-year-old Karen Christiansen and 32-year-old Jena Christiansen, were both killed immediately on impact. It’s unclear whether the truck driver noticed the giant boulder fall because he was nowhere to be found when police officers arrived on scene.

Responders attempted to move the giant rock, but it took the combined efforts of four fireman to move it. Baffled at where the rock could’ve fallen from, police noticed a nearby camera at the Pine Bend Refinery. Authorities reviewed surveillance video of the roadway to identify where the rock had fallen from, and they discovered the truck was a commercial vehicle owned by Czeck Services. Police were able to identify the driver as Joe Czeck.

Police believe these victims could have been saved had the giant boulder been properly secured onto the company vehicle. While the entire incident is being viewed as an accident, two lives have been lost due to the company and driver’s criminal negligence.

Czeck was later spotted near Inver Grove Heights. He was taken into police custody and transported to the Dakota County Jail. He has not yet been charged with any crime, but authorities have confirmed that two counts of criminal vehicular homicide are pending. Court records indicate the suspect has been convicted with at least six other moving violations since 2003. His company also had a safety violation for failing to wear a seatbelt according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.