The Associated Press reports that a Hawaiian judge has dismissed charges against a suspect in a triple murder, but recommitted him to a psychiatric hospital. Adam Mau is accused of murdering three people before tying up a judge in 2006. A state judge determined Mau was unfit to stand trial and dropped the murder and kidnapping charges.

Mau allegedly took a taxi to a lookout before killing the taxi driver and a couple that was at the lookout, taking photos of the city below. He then drove to the home of a U.S. judge before tying him up as well as his wife and housekeeper. Mau then took the judge’s car to escape.

Mau is also known as Adam Koon Wai Mau-Goffredo. The judge stated that recommitting him to a hospital made more sense than sending him to trial where he would likely be found not guilty by reason of insanity. Mau has been in the hospital since 2008, and has never tried leaving, said his attorney.

The court determined that Mau has memory deficits, schizophrenia, six brain injuries and birth trauma that would not allow him to help with defending his case in court.

*Photo credit AP