The Associated Press reports the trial of a woman accused of murdering her daughter who she thought was possessed by the devil began this week.

Juanita Gomez, 51, of Oklahoma City, is accused of killing her 33-year-old daughter, Geneva Gomez in 2016. Juanita allegedly shoved a crucifix and gold medallion down her throat, trying to get a demon to leave her body.

According to testimony by Geneva’s boyfriend, he found her positioned as if she was on a crucifix after her death.

Juanita attempted to claim that she was incompetent to stand trial, but a psychologist determined that she was, stating that she “was grossly feigning memory problems to appear incompetent.”

The trial is expected to finish by the end of the week.

Bond was denied for the defendant, and at her first hearing she refused a public offender. She also complained to the judge about jail conditions.

In August of 2016, Geneva was found with a crucifix on her chest and severe trauma to her head. Juanita told police that Geneva was possessed and she had punched her multiple times, trying to rid her of the devil’s spirit. She also admitted to shoving the crucifix and medallion down Geneva’s throat, reports News9.

Juanita’s hands were also very swollen, and she told investigators Geneva was “fighting her attempts to rid Satan” from her body. After watching her daughter die, she placed her body in a crucifix position, says News9.

When she was arraigned in court, she thanked the judge and asked deputies if they believed in God, telling them that she did, too.

Juanita has formerly been arrested for gun and drug charges in Oklahoma County, and in 2009 was convicted of drug trafficking and a gun possession charge. She was given a 10-year suspended jail sentence, says News9.

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