A double murder in Alabama led investigators to a team of three individuals in South Florida who have all been arrested.

At about noon on August 10th, Hollywood Police successfully captured both Zachary Phillips and Vivian De La Rosa Toniana who were attempting to flee police in a stolen vehicle. Officers noticed the stolen Mustang driving around Miami Beach, so a police pursuit ensued until the Mustang crashed into multiple parked cars. The two suspects jumped out of the car and tried to run. Phillips was later discovered hiding in a backyard by a K9 unit. He was taken to Broward jail and charged with resisting an officer, third-degree grand threft and trespassing.

The third suspect, Kristen Gullion, was also picked up when she was found driving a stolen Honda Civic around Miami Beach. The stolen car belonged to Joe and Mary Holt, a Birmingham couple that had been found murdered on August 2nd. Gullion claimed that she had borrowed the vehicle from a friend, but Florida police decided to call in Birmingham police detectives to piece the cases together. She has been charged with grand theft auto and will likely be extradited to Alabama.

Sadly, the Holts were found murdered in their home when their young granddaughter rushed over to a neighbor’s home distraught and covered in blood. She was calling out for her grandparents, so the neighbor quickly informed 911 about the situation. Responding officers were led to the Holts by the youngster who was only about three years old.