WLWT Cincinnati reports that the trial for a mother accused of her baby’s death has been delayed. The teen mother’s lawyers have filed an appeal regarding admission of evidence.

The trial was to begin Monday, but will now be delayed until further notice. Brooke Skylar Richardson, 18, is accused of killing her newborn infant, and her attorneys want her conversations with her doctor to remain private.

Defense attorneys filed motions trying to keep prosecutors from introducing testimony regarding any communication between the mother and her doctor or anyone at her gynecologist’s office.

The case took flight after Hilltop OB-GYN called police regarding a stillborn baby in July.

Richardson’s family’s home was then searched and remains of the baby were discovered buried in the backyard.

The defense’s motion included the statement that, “The physician-patient privilege belongs to the patient, not to the physician. In order for any privileged communication to be disclosed, the patient must either consent to the release of the information or the communication must fit within the parameters of a specific waiver created by the legislature permitting disclosure.”

Conversely, prosecutors filed a motion requesting a final ruling on the issue, and requested the judge to determine that the privilege does not apply to Richardson and her doctors.

She is facing a charge of reckless homicide, which carries a maximum of five years.

*Photo credit Ed Richter/WOhio.com