The Chron reports that a woman who was the target of an alleged murder-for-hire plot by her ex-boyfriend took the stand in court this week during his trial. Leon Jacob, 40, a former medical resident and later a contracted worker at Houston hospital, is currently on trial for solicitation of capital murder.

Prosecutors presented testimony that the former doctor suggested that an undercover police officer, who was posing as a hitman, could kill his ex by injecting lethal drugs into her heart. The “hitman” was hired for $20,000 to kill his ex-girlfriend as well as the ex-husband of his current girlfriend.

Some of the plan was revealed via a recording made during the planning of the murders. The undercover officer testified for over five hours.

The ex-girlfriend, Meghan Verikas, was to be injected in the heart with potassium chloride, which is untraceable according to Jacob. The ex of his current girlfriend was to be killed in what looked like a carjacking.

Jacob’s current girlfriend committed suicide by jumping off a balcony just days after being arrested for her involvement with the plan. She was also on some of the recordings presented as evidence.

Verikas was photographed with her hands bound and mouth taped by police as part of the plan to catch Jacob and convince him that it was actually taking place.

She ended her three-year relationship with Jacob in 2017 after a fight that left her with a busted lip. She filed stalking and domestic violence charges against him. Jacob told her he was a surgeon when they met, but in fact he never became a licensed physician.

The orchestration of the plot took place after Jacob was freed on bail from the stalking charge. He wanted the “hitman” to kidnap her and kill her if she didn’t agree to leave the Houston area, so that she would not press charges against him in the stalking case.

*Photo credit Marie D. De Jesus, Houston Chronicle