Ramon Escobar, a 47-year-old, has been taken into police custody after brutally attacking at least three different homeless men on downtown streets on September 16th. His violent attacks were fatal for two of the victims.

Escobar is the primary suspect in at least three additional attacks around the Los Angeles and Santa Monica areas, which brings his total assault count to at least six victims. Police officers from both cities will be holding a joint press conference on September 25th to discuss the suspect and his crimes.

Police apprehended Escobar about 30 minutes after receiving a call about a violent attack on a homeless man. The victim had been leaned up against a pole around 7 A.M. on September 21st when he was suddenly struck with a baseball bat. The perpetrator continued to bludgeon the man until he slipped into unconsciousness. Then, the suspect took some of the homeless man’s possessions. When police arrived, the victim was in critical condition. He was promptly hospitalized with severe head injuries.

Police discovered a nearby surveillance video that revealed Escobar’s identity. He could be seen ransacking victim’s pockets and rummaging through their belongings. The attack was very similar to at least four previous incidents where a sleeping homeless victim was irrationally attacked, so police believe Escobar was likely behind these attacks as well. Investigators have not yet confirmed Escobar’s involvement in the additional assaults, but it has also not been ruled out. On September 8th and September 10th, two homeless men were beat so brutally with a baseball bat during the early morning hours that one of the victims is still in critical condition. Another victim, who was discovered under the city pier on September 20th, was killed in an apparent beating.

Escobar has been officially charged with two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder. If investigators uncover more evidence, then it’s likely his charges will be increased to reflect the additional assaults. The motive in these attacks remains unclear.