Chad Isaak, a 44-year-old resident of North Dakota, has just been taken into police custody under the suspicion of murdering four victims at an RJR Maintenance & Management property. According to initial reports, the victims were all shot or stabbed to death, and the suspect’s vehicle was seen fleeing the scene shortly after.

Initial police reports show that Isaak lived in a trailer park that was managed by the company where the murders took place. Thankfully, the property was protected by surveillance cameras, so authorities were able to identify the suspect promptly after the victims were discovered.

The police caught up with Isaak when his vehicle was spotted by traffic police on April 4th. He was pulled over and promptly identified. He was immediately taken into custody without further incident. He’s currently being charged with quadruple murder, and he’s being detained at the McLean County jail.

Authorities have not yet disclosed why the suspect had any reason to commit this senseless act of violence. They have, however, confirmed that they don’t believe the public was in any further danger after the initial murders. The suspect’s actions were described as “very specific to the victims.”

The victims included an owner and three employees of a property management company. The victims include:

45-year-old Lois Cobb

50-year-old William Cobb

52-year-old Robert Fakler

42-year-old Adam Fuehrer

Lois and William Cobb were a married couple who had moved to North Dakota about six years ago. Their daughter described them as “true soulmates.”