Police dogs, especially ones trained to sniff out drugs, have remained a controversial aspect of many police departments around the nation. These highly trained and skilled animals can perform a wide number of tasks to assist their human partners like detecting drugs, smelling out bombs, taking down fleeing suspects and even helping detectives track down evidence or missing persons.

One particularly heroic police dog recently made headlines when he fought off three gang members to protect his human partner. Deputy Todd Frazier was out on patrol in Long Beach, Mississippi when he noticed a man appearing to need assistance. He pulled over to check on the man. As he exited his police vehicle, two additional men jumped the officer from behind and assaulted him.

The three men cut the officer’s forehead and dragged him into a nearby wooded area. Deputy Frazier reported that the men told him they were going to slit his throat and kill him. Thankfully, the officer was able to push a button on his keys that released his K-9 partner from the car. Lucas, the dog, immediately ran to his partner and began attacking all three of the men. Deputy Frazier is unclear on exactly what happened. His vision was hazy due to blood in his eyes, but he could hear his police partner growling.

Deputy Frazier has since called Lucas his hero. It’s unclear how many suspects were injured in the attack, but Lucas suffered a torn ligament, a gash on his forehead and lost several teeth. The Hancock County Sheriff’s Department has named Lucas “Hero of the Year”. They will continue investigating to determine who these attackers were.