On March 7th, a motorist was driving by the Lake Mead National Recreational Area when he noticed an abandoned vehicle on the side of the road. The witness noticed that the car’s windows had been shattered by a rock, so he was immediately suspicious. He notified local authorities who came out to investigate. A short time later, the responding officers discovered the body of Dr. Thomas Burchard in the car’s trunk.

It was apparent that the victim had been bludgeoned to death, shoved in the trunk and abandoned. His death was ruled a homicide, and authorities began searching for the culprit. The police have not yet revealed what specific evidence led them to the suspect, but they did identify 25-year-old Kelsey Nichole Turner as the person they believe committed this crime.

Kelsey Turner is a well-known Playboy model, but it remains unclear what her relationship was with the late doctor. On March 21st, she was taken into police custody and charged with the murder of Dr. Burchard. She is currently in the San Joaquin County Jail and has been denied bail. She is currently awaiting extradition to Clark County where she will face the murder charges.

Dr. Burchard was a beloved 71-year-old child psychiatrist. A spokeswoman for Montage Health explained how the late doctor loved his patients so much that he refused to retire. The community is struggling to deal with their loss, but the recent arrest has helped bring some closure to the situation.