The Denver Post reports that the U.S. Supreme Court has denied a petition to reexamine an affirmation in a case where a man was convicted of pushing his wife off of a cliff in the Rocky Mountain National Park; he is currently serving a life sentence.

Harold Henthorn was convicted in 2015 of murdering his wife, Toni Henthorn. He is currently serving a life sentence for the crime and filed a writ of certiorari with the Supreme Court, asking it to examine the decision of a lower appeals court to uphold his murder conviction.

Henthorn collected on large insurance policies after the death of Toni. He did the same after his first wife, Sandra “Lynn” Henthorn was killed while changing the tire on her Jeep. In 1995, she stopped to change a flat tire and was crushed when the vehicle fell on top of her.

In Henthorn’s appeal, his attorneys claimed that evidence regarding the death of his first wife should not have been allowed in the trial.

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals issued its decision in July on Henthorn’s appeal, stating that “this case presents us with the difficult issue of whether a district court presiding over a murder trial abused its discretion in admitting evidence of prior, similar incidents, including whether the defendant killed his second wife in circumstances similar to those that led to the death of his first wife.”

In its final opinion, the court determined that the original trial judge properly admitted the evidence.

In 2012, Toni fell 128 feet to her death on the couple’s 12th anniversary while on a hike with Henthorn. He was sentenced to serve his life sentence in a federal prison.

*Photo credit U.S. Attorney’s Office