In August, John Roth, a 77-year-old man, was found deceased in his home. Early investigations suggested that the perpetrator may have been attempting to burglarize the home when Roth caught him. Roth suffers from mild dementia, so it’s possible that he may have been asleep when the attacker entered into the residence and awoken during the burglary. The victim suffered from “significant trauma” to his upper body. Roth’s wife, Zui Pang, was working an overnight shift when the incident occurred. She discovered his body when she returned home from work.

Investigators discovered the suspect’s DNA sample at the scene of the crime, so they sent it off to the lab for testing. Just last week, the authorities matched the DNA sample to a suspected transient person living in the area. On October 21, Oceanside police received a call from a tire shop. The business asked the authorities to remove an apparent homeless person who was sleeping in their parking lot. The business was nearby Roth’s home. When police arrived, they identified the transient individual. They immediately arrested and charged Carey Lamont Reid, Jr. with Roth’s murder.

Reid was taken to the local jail and held without bail. Oceanside Police are thrilled with the arrest. The department’s spokesman, Tom Bussey, called the arrest both a “strange thing” and a “coincidence” when speaking about the incident to media outlets. He is crediting much of the arrest to luck. Coincidentally, they received the call about Reid just two days after verifying the DNA match.