Law & Crime reports that the retrial for the alleged “nose job killer” in Kentucky has begun. Shayna Hubers admitted to shooting her boyfriend Ryan Poston in the face, joking that she gave him the “nose job he wanted.” She also claimed she shot him in self defense. She says Poston was about to strike her when she grabbed the gun and shot him a total of six times, claiming she continued to shoot him to ensure he was dead and wouldn’t suffer.

Hubers was convicted of murder and sentenced to 40 years in prison, but it was later discovered that a jury member was a convicted felon and did not disclose that fact. In Kentucky, convicted felons aren’t allowed to serve on a jury.

The trial should last about two weeks, and will be heard in Newport, Kentucky.

Jury selection took a total of four days in the Campbell County courthouse. A total of 14 were chosen out of a pool of 160. Twelve will deliberate the case and two will be alternates.

*Photo credit LawNewz, Inc.