There is a reason why there are so many crime shows dedicated to unsolved mysteries and cold crimes. Once a case goes cold, it’s rare that any progress is made. In the real world, sometimes the killer gets away. No one understands this better than Col. Kerry Gilpin, the current superintendent of the Massachusetts State Police. When Col. Gilpin was just 16 years old, his sister went missing. Days later, her body was discovered in a makeshift grave. Medical examiners found a massive skull fracture on the young teenager’s skull, and they ruled her death a homicide.

Col. Gilpin’s family has continuously offered rewards for information regarding Tracy’s homicide since her death over three decades ago. The young 15-year-old was last seen purchasing cigarettes at a gas station after attending a party with several friends. The cashier on-duty had explained to officers that she saw the victim being offered a ride by someone in a jeep. The witness saw Tracy refuse and start walking away. Another witness had told officials they had heard a scream and car taking off. Evidence in Tracy’s case suggests she was abducted before being murdered, but investigators were not able to make any additional progress until now.

Although officials have not disclosed what led them to the suspect, they have officially arrested Michael Hand for the murder of Tracy Gilpin nearly 32 years ago. The suspect, now 61 years old, was arrested in Troutman, North Carolina. He is currently in custody and will face his first court date on March 12, 2018.