On October 29th, students attending David W. Butler High School near Charlotte, North Carolina, arrived to find a chaotic scene. A group of classmates had gathered around a hallway inside the school in what some are calling a physical fight and confrontation before one of the students pulled out a firearm and fatally shot his classmate.

According to officials, the fatal shooting incident was a direct result of bullying that had “escalated out of control.” A patrol commander with the Matthews Police Department, Stason Tyrrell, noted during a news conference that multiple parties were aware of the ongoing bullying and were aware of the planned altercation on Monday. The police have not yet released details about which student was the instigator and which student was being harassed.

Police confirmed that the two students fighting were 16-year-old Jatwan Craig Cuffie and 16-year-old Bobby McKeithen. The incident occurred just after 7 A.M. Students were crowded and huddled around the fighting students when Cuffie unexpectedly drew a weapon and shot McKeithen. A school resource officer promptly contacted the police while assisting the injured victim. McKeithen was immediately rushed to the Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte. He was too severely injured to recover, and he was pronounced deceased a short time later.

Within ten minutes of the shooting, multiple police officers swarmed the school. The entire facility was placed on a temporary lockdown. The shooter, Cuffie, was taken into police custody within ten minutes of the shooting. Investigators are continuing to look into how the student obtained a firearm and brought it to school.