Kelsey Quayle, a 28-year-old model, had just recently moved to Georgia from Southern California before being murdered in a bizarre traffic accident on Monday.

At around 7 A.M., Kelsey was traversing through the city of Riverdale in her white Mazda sedan. Moments later, she suddenly veered into the opposite lane and smashed into oncoming traffic. At least three other vehicles were caught up in the collision. Quayle was found by medical personnel in critical condition, so she was immediately rushed to Southern Regional Medical Center. Her wounds were so extensive that she needed to again be moved to Grady Memorial Hospital for more in-depth treatment.

At the second hospital, doctors realized that Quayle was actually suffering from a gunshot wound to her neck. What was at first believed to be a car accident has now turned into a homicide crime investigation. Doctors worked tirelessly to save Quayle, but her injuries proved to be too severe. The victim’s family made the impossible decision to take Quayle off of life support after learning that the bullet was firmly lodged in Quayle’s neck. The bullet had already severed the spinal cord where it connects to the brain, so Quayle’s catastrophic brain damage would have prevented her from ever fully recovering.

Police have obtained surveillance video of the accident, but they have not yet named any suspects in this shooting. Authorities have been in contact with other motorists who were driving in the area that day in hopes of gathering more information into this crime. The victim’s family has stated that the model did not have any known enemies, and many suspect her murder may have possibly stemmed from an out-of-control road rage situation.