In early March, authorities were called out to the residence of Hanane Mouhib. Mouhib had dialed 911 to self-report that she “did not feel right.” Police responded, but no action was taken. Days later, Mouhib called 911 again. Authorities gave Mouhib the option of admitting herself into a hospital for treatment.

She accepted, and she became a patient at a psychiatric care unit for around three weeks. On March 26, doctors discharged her. Ten days later, Mouhib decapitated her own son with an extremely large kitchen knife.

Police responded to a call about a suicidal woman wielding a knife. When they arrived on scene, they recognized Hanane Mouhib. She was at home with multiple other individuals including her husband, children and her grandmother. The suspect had a large-bladed kitchen knife, and she was waving it around in a state of rage. Authorities ordered the suspect to lower her weapon, but she refused.

Police had to deploy pepper spray in an attempt to disarm the woman, but the spray proved ineffective. Deputies then used a taser on the woman until she dropped the knife. Once they secured the suspect, police searched the home and found the body of ten-year-old Abraham Cardenas. It was immediately apparent that the suspect had used the knife to repeatedly stab the young boy. Abraham had knife wounds in his upper back, and his head was completely severed.

Hanane Mouhib was arrested and charged with second-degree murder. She is currently being held in jail without bail.