Mollie Tibbets, a 20-year-old student from Iowa, disappeared suddenly while out on a jog on July 18th, and authorities have been working diligently to find out what happened to her. In an incredible breakthrough in the case, a suspect was finally arrested. He has fully confessed to kidnapping the victim, and he has led police to the body of the missing student.

Investigators searching for Tibbets carefully examined her Fitbit’s location tracker to narrow down exactly where she had been that day. Police asked nearby homeowners to review any surveillance video of the day, and they requested that citizens hand over any footage showing the victim to help solve the crime. Amazingly, one homeowner did find footage of both the victim and suspect. The video shows the suspect following the victim which was critical in the identification of the primary suspect.

Cristhian Bahena Rivera, a 24-year-old undocumented immigrant, was apprehended shortly after being identified in the video. He did not resist when being detained. Upon his arrest, Rivera admitted that he had seen the victim and began pursuing her. The victim became nervous and threatened to call police. Rivera claimed that when he saw the victim reaching for her cell phone, he blacked out. He claimed that he doesn’t remember what happened next, but he remembered later finding the victim’s body in his trunk.

In fear, he discarded the victim in a cornfield about 12 miles from Brooklyn, Iowa. While the motive in this case is unclear, he is being charged with first-degree murder.