Inside Edition reports that the case of the murder of a jogger in Queens has ended in a mistrial. Chanel Lewis was accused of killing Karina Vetrano in 2016. The jury deliberated for a day and a half before a mistrial was declared. Vetrano was an avid runner at 30 years old and never came back from a jog one summer evening two years ago.

Vetrano usually ran with her father on the paths near their home in Howard Beach, but he had stayed behind on August 2 when she never returned home and didn’t answer her home.

Philip Vetrano discovered his daughter’s body in the tall grass next to the running path while searching with law enforcement. She was facedown on the ground and had been strangled. Her clothes were partially removed and she had been dragged, and some of her teeth were broken.

DNA was recovered from the body, but police couldn’t find a match in any databases. A sketch was released of a man seen on the path close to the time of the murder.

After releasing a profile of the suspect and filtering through more than 250 leads, Lewis was arrested and his DNA matched the samples found at the scene.

Lewis pleaded not guilty to 13 counts of murder and sexual abuse. He told police during interviews that he punched Vetrano multiple times before dragging her into the grass to finish her off.

*Photo credit CBS Interactive Inc.