One Maryland jail is facing serious public criticism after they accidently released a suspected murderer from police custody on May 3rd. Thankfully, the suspect is back in custody without incident, but police are working to ensure this mistake does not occur again.

The suspect, Dekale Bowman, was arrested back in January. He was charged with second-degree murder after he allegedly fatally shot his girlfriend, Taiyania Thompson, inside an apartment building. Earlier this month, Bowman was transported to a facility in Upper Marlboro to face court in a separate case. This case was related to car theft. Authorities in Prince George’s County mistakenly released him on bond on May 3rd. According to a spokesman for the county’s Department of Corrections, their system did not show any additional charges or warrants for the individual.

Police officials became aware of the mistake when Bowman didn’t reappear in court on May 4th. The 18-year-old suspected of killing his girlfriend had simply walked out of jail and failed to report back. At one hearing, Judge Iscoe placed the blame on the D.C. jail. A warrant was promptly put out for Bowman’s re-arrest.

D.C. police located the suspect in his old neighborhood. According to police reports, Bowman was carrying $380 dollars and six grams of cocaine in his pocket. Now, he will be facing additional charges of possession with the intent to distribute. He is now back in custody and detained in a D.C. Jail. He is being held without bond and is due back in court on June 1st.