reports that a Massachusetts man convicted of stabbing his sleeping wife has been sentenced to life in prison without parole. After stabbing her to death, he sent photos of her deceased body to friends. The couple’s children were nearby during the murder.

Christopher Fatantonio, 37, has been convicted of first-degree murder as of last Friday in the Barnstable County Superior Court.

Fratantonio stabbed his wife, Mary “Molly” Fratantonio, while she was sleeping on February 28, 2017. After killing her, he took two photos of her body and sent it to friends, asking if they would care for their 6-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son.

Fratantonio used a kitchen knife to stab Molly multiple times, and when police arrived it was still lodged in her throat. The children reportedly witnessed the attack.

Defense attorneys argued that Fratantonio suffers from PTSD from being sexually abused as a child. He also suffered from two concussions, anxiety and depression. He allegedly told police he didn’t want to do it and would rather do it to himself.

Molly was 35 years old and a special education teacher. Her mother testified that Fratantonio frequently terrorized Molly and withheld money from her.

He was found guilty after the jury deliberated for just two hours. Molly’s mother is now the guardian of the two children.

There was no information available as to whether Frantantonio planned on appealing the conviction or sentence.

*Photo credit GoFundMe