The Associated Press reports that a man has been sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping a baby that was cut from its mother’s womb. In Fargo, North Dakota, William Hoehn, 33, was sentenced to life today for conspiring to kidnap a baby after his girlfriend cut it from their neighbor’s womb. The couple then lied to police about what really happened.

Hoehn will be eligible for parole at some point in the future, and the victim’s mother isn’t satisfied with the sentence.

Last month, Hoehn was found not guilty for conspiracy to commit murder after his girlfriend, Brooke Crews, admitted she cut Savanna Greywind’s baby from her womb in August 2017. Crews is serving a life sentence without parole for the murder.

In his testimony, Hoehn denied any knowledge of the plan to kill the mother and take her baby. However, he did admit that he hid the newborn and lied to police in order to cover up the crime.

He originally faced a 21-year minimum sentence for the conspiracy and giving false information counts, but the prosecutors were granted their request for an enhanced sentence because Hoehn is a dangerous offender.

Crews told the court during trial that she faked a pregnancy and stole the baby in order to avoid losing Hoehn after he discovered her lie. She said she never told him what she was going to do, but that he also made sure Greywind was dead when he arrived home by strangling her bloody body. The medical examiner could not determine whether Greywind died from strangulation or blood loss.

The police searched the couple’s apartment three times and didn’t discover the baby or Greywind’s body during any of them. Greywind’s remains were discovered days later in the Red River by kayakers.

*photo credit The Associated Press