The Associated Press reports that sentencing has started for a Texas man convicted in a chokehold death. In Houston, Terry Thompson was convicted on Monday of killing a man via strangulation that he confronted outside a restaurant in the company of his wife, who was a sheriff's deputy. Thompson killed John Hernandez, 24, in May of 2017 and faces up to a life sentence in prison.

Prosecutors said in court that Thompson kept Hernandez in a chokehold even after he stopped resisting. However, defense attorneys said that he was acting in self-defense because Hernandez punched him in the face, and had released him when he stopped resisting.

Thompson’s wife, Chauna Thompson, has also been charged with murder for helping her husband to restrain Hernandez. She was also fired by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, but her trial isn’t slated to begin until April.

*Photo credit Associated Press