CNN reports that a Massachusetts man is now facing 52 charges after three bodies were found in his home. Stewart Weldon has been arrested and indicted for three counts of first-degree murder, eight counts of strangulation, nine counts of aggravated rape, two counts of rape, five counts of aggravated kidnapping and four counts of kidnapping, according to CNN.

The bodies of three women were found in Weldon’s home in May. He is accused of assaulting the three women and beating them to death. The victims include Ernestine Ryans, 47, America Lyden, 34, and Kayla Escalante, 27. Two of the women were reported missing long ago, and Lyden was reported missing in December. The women were allegedly murdered between August 2017 and May 30, 2018.

At least seven additional victims were identified in the indictment, claiming Weldon raped, kidnapped, strangled or assaulted them.

Weldon was pulled over for a broken taillight in May when he led police on a chase. He crashed into a cruiser and fought the officers, and an injured woman was found in his car who thanked the police for saving her. She told investigators Weldon kept her in his home for a month and raped her multiple times. Two knives were found in Weldon’s pockets, and the woman had suffered multiple stab wounds. She also had what appeared to be a broken jaw and bruises from being beaten. She told police he hit her with a hammer, and that she was an acquaintance of his.

Police then went to Weldon’s home, which is owned by his mother, and found the bodies of three women there.

Weldon pleaded not guilty at his arraignment in June. He had three arrest warrants and a revoked driver’s license at the time of his arrest.

*Photo credit Springfield Police Department