The Associated Press reports that a man has been convicted of murder in a Maryland police station attack. The man shot up a police station while his brothers videotaped it, and will be serving time for the death of an undercover detective who was accidentally shot during the incident by a fellow officer.

Michael Ford, 25, was convicted by a jury after only three hours of deliberation of second-degree murder for the friendly-fire death of Detective Jacai Colson in March 2016. Ford was also convicted on weapons charges and first-degree assault.

The jury found him not guilty on six counts of attempted first-degree murder, but he still faces up to 600 years in prison; 65 of those will be for the weapons charges alone.

Ford testified in court that he was trying to get the police to kill him when he shot into the station two dozen times. He stated he did not intend to kill anyone. However, prosecutors argued that the shooting created a combat zone and Colson’s death was caused by it.

Colson had exchanged gunfire with Ford when he was shot by Officer Taylor Krauss, as he mistakenly identified him as a threat. Krauss stated in court that he never heard Colson identify himself as an officer and didn’t see a badge before he shot him once in the chest.

Even though Ford’s gunshots didn’t directly kill anyone, two passing vehicles and an ambulance were struck. Defense attorneys claimed that Ford had been wounded and was on the ground before Krauss shot Colson.

Ford had two younger brothers videotaping the shooting after dropping him off at the station located in a suburb of Washington, D.C. Ford had dictated his last will and testament on video just before he was dropped off.

A judge determined that Ford couldn’t use an insanity defense, even though he suffers from mental health issues and says he was hearing voices the day of the shooting.

*Photo credit The Associated Press