SA News reports that prosecutors in Texas called a bus brash a “mass killing” during a sentencing hearing in Uvalde, Texas. 13 elderly church members were killed in a deadly crash last year when Jack Dillon Young slammed into the bus they were riding in. Young was intoxicated when the crash occurred on March 29, 2017 ,when he ran his pickup truck into the small church bus in what was one of the state’s worst traffic accidents to date.

Young, 21, is a resident of Leakey and pleaded no contest to the 13 counts of intoxication manslaughter and one count of intoxication assault, He was convicted and his sentencing could last several days. The maximum sentence he faces is life in prison.

The National Traffic Safety Board determined that Young’s intoxication led to the crash and it was not an accident. Their report stated that he lost control of his truck because he was high and had taken clonazepam. Although Young had been diagnosed with depression and prescribed the drug, he was overmedicating himself.

Young told first responders that he was texting when the accident occurred, but investigation of his phone records determined he had not been using the phone at the time.

*Photo credit Uvalde County Jail