WYFF 4 Greenville-Spartanburg reports that the husband of a Maine woman has been convicted of her murder. Valerie Tieman, 34, of Fairfield, Maine, attended high school and college in South Carolina. She was last seen in Skowhegan, Maine on August 30, 2016, in a red Chevy pickup truck in a Walmart parking lot. Tieman was reported missing by her parents.

Her body was later discovered in the woods in Fairfield, Maine, behind the home she shared with her husband, Luc Tieman. Luc aided in the search for his wife, and told authorities she may have gone camping. His original statement told police that she went missing while he was inside Walmart, but later told them she overdosed on heroin.

Valerie’s autopsy determined she had been shot twice in the head and neck.

Luc gave his own closing argument in spite of his attorney’s objections in court on Monday, and jurors convicted him less than an hour later of murder. During his closing arguments, he admitted he gave different versions of the story to police, but also told jurors that the authorities forced him to make false statements.

Luc now faces 25 years to life in prison, according to CentralMaine.com. Authorities believe the murder took place on August 25, 2016, or five days before Luc claimed she disappeared. Luc stated in his closing arguments that there were alternate explanations for her death, as no clear motive was presented by the prosecution.

Prosecutors presented evidence against Luc in the murder, including the fact he was having an affair with another woman and him claiming Valerie had another man.

When Valerie was discovered in a shallow grave, her body was accompanied by a jar containing flower stems, a wedding ring and a handwritten note that said, “To my one and only Joy-Joy. Flower. Forever. I love you Valerie Joy T. I’ll love you forever. Rest in peace. My heart in Jesus.” The note was signed “Luc-e,” which is apparently referencing Luc’s married nickname.

*Photo credit CentralMaine.com