Nearly a year ago, 35-year-old Timothy Verrill was formerly indicted for murdering two women. He was also accused of falsifying evidence when he reportedly concealed both victim’s bodies in tarps, hid them and attempted to destroy other evidence.

Now, the judge presiding over this double murder case has made a groundbreaking order to secure evidence against the suspect. Judge Steven Houran learned that one of the victims had an Amazon Echo device in her kitchen where she was allegedly murdered. The technological device was seized during the initial investigation, and it could contain critical data about the victim’s last moments inside its memory.

Prosecutors are looking for evidence held in recordings made in the two-day span prior to and during the victim’s murder. Prosecutors also hope to learn which cell phones were paired with the Echo. If the suspect’s device automatically paired up to the Echo in the moments leading up to the murder, then prosecutors could prove he was at the scene of the crime during the time of the murder. Judge Houran decided that the prosecutor’s assertions in this case are strong enough to order the big tech giant Amazon to hand over the saved data. In a groundbreaking decision, he has now ordered Amazon to produce any recordings or evidence that could be deemed valuable to the investigation. Regarding this case, Judge Houran explained “the circumstantial evidence is also such that the inference of guilt drawn from those circumstances is strong, clear, and convincing.”