FOX News reports that Jodi Arias has missed her deadline to file an appeal for her 2013 murder conviction, and her attorneys are filing a request for a three-month extension to submit a legal brief seeking an appeal.

Wednesday was the official deadline for the court to receive the brief. Arias, now 37, is in prison for murdering her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

Defense attorneys have cited computer issues, staff shortages and chronic health problems as reasons for missing the deadline. If the Arizona Court of Appeals agrees to the extension, a three-judge panel will hear the appeal after briefs are submitted by both the defense and the prosecution.

Arias’ appeal has already been delayed approximately one year due to problems found in the transcripts of her trial. The court had to repeatedly request court reporters to finish the transcripts, and even required several to be destroyed and redone due to errors and omissions.

Court reporters involved in the case have cited workload issues, computer malfunctions and even cancer treatments that hindered finishing the transcripts correctly and timely.

Arias was convicted of brutally stabbing Alexander in 2008 at his Phoenix home. Alexander was stabbed approximately 30 times and even had his throat cut before Arias shot him in the head. His body was left in his shower and discovered by friends five days later.

Initially, she claimed to have nothing to do with the murder, but later admitted to killing him out of self defense.

Prosecutors claim the murder was premeditated and committed out of a jealous rage that Alexander was seeing other women.

Arias was convicted in 2013, but jurors deadlocked on determining an appropriate punishment. Another sentencing phase began in 2014 and also resulted in a deadlocked jury. This required the judge to determine her sentence, who settled on a life sentence without parole.

*Photo credit FOX News