People reports that an Indiana man who shot and killed his girlfriend after she declined his marriage proposal has been sentenced to 45 years in prison.

Jason Eaton, 45, pleaded guilty to the murder of his girlfriend, Wendy Sabatini, in January of this year. The murder occurred in October 2016. Eaton was sentenced by the court to 47 years in prison, with two years suspended to supervised probation.

Eaton was arrested and initially charged with the murder after entering his local police department and confessing to the shooting death of Sabatini. He stated that he and Sabatini were upstairs in a bedroom talking in their Greensburg home when he pulled a ring box from his pocket. Sabatini cut him off before he could propose after seeing the ring, and Eaton got upset with her.

The arrest affidavit obtained by People said Eaton stated he “retrieved a firearm from a nightstand and moved behind Sabatini, who was seated on the opposite side of the bed” before fatally shooting her in the head. He then left the gun at the house and drove to a friend’s, telling the friend he “messed up” and may have killed his girlfriend. The friend then drove Eaton to the police station.

Eaton and Sabatini were coworkers at an auto parts manufacturing plant. Sabatini was a mother of two, and it is unknown who has custody of her children. Eaton’s attorney on record, Mark Jones, was unable to be reached for comment.

Eaton was also ordered by the court to refrain from having any contact with Sabatini’s family members during his sentence.

*Photo credit Wendy Sabatini/Facebook