On November 3rd, members of a Wisconsin Girl Scout Troop were voluntarily collecting trash from the side of the highway. All members of the group were wearing green safety vests that were designed to be very visible for passing drivers.

Just around noon, nearby witnesses saw a black pickup truck swerve off the road and smash into five of the 12 members of the Girl Scout group. The driver of the pickup truck fled the scene, while other concerned citizens immediately dialed 911. All the pedestrians were in a ditch and not near the shoulder of the road when the crash occurred. Four individuals were killed as a result of the accident. The fifth victim remains in the hospital, but she is in stable condition.

Investigators quickly began looking for the suspect in the black truck. They discovered vehicle fluids leading away from the crash and directly to an address about two miles from the crash site. Police discovered the truck inside the garage, but no one was home at the address.

A few hours later, a person claiming to be a passenger inside the black truck turned himself into police. He admitted that the driver and himself had both been huffing chemicals just before they smashed into the group of children. Half an hour later at 4:30 P.M., Colten R Treu, the 21-year-old driver of the black truck, turned himself into police custody. He confirmed the passenger’s statements.

Treu is now facing four counts of homicide by negligent use of a motor vehicle, homicide while intoxicated and hit-and-run involving injuries. Prosecutors are deciding whether or not to add additional charges in this case.