Police in Hartford County are alerting the public about a horrific crime that was committed on December 1st. Two unidentified suspects remain on the loose after fatally stabbing a 52-year-old woman in broad daylight.

According to police, the victim was riding as a passenger along the 1000 block of Valley Street. The 52-year-old, Jacquelyn Smith, noticed a woman sitting on the street with what appeared to be a young baby. She was holding a cardboard sign requesting money to help feed the baby. When the victim noticed this, she immediately wanted to help. She rolled down her window and began reaching for her wallet to give the woman some cash. As she was looking down, a man approached the vehicle.

Initially, the man appeared to be saying thank you to the good Samaritan, but things took a turn when he reached his arm into the car and attempted to take the woman’s purse and wallet. A short struggle ensued before the male pulled out a knife. He stabbed the victim in the chest before fleeing on foot alongside the woman panhandler.

Smith was rushed to the hospital by her family members that were in the car with her at the time. Although medical staff worked tirelessly to help the victim, she passed away a short time after being admitted from the knife wound.

Baltimore police describe the suspects as a black, 6-foot-tall male in his mid-30s. The woman seemed to be around 20-years-old and 5-feet-4-inches. Baltimore police ask that anyone with information pertaining to this crime or the suspects call their detectives at 410-396-2100.