The Daily Mail reports that all but one of the five teens accused of killing a father of four by throwing a six-pound rock from an overpass have accepted plea deals. They will also be testifying against the final defendant, who they say is responsible for the entire incident.

The killing of 32-year-old Kenneth White, father of four, occurred in 2017 when the rock thrown crashed through the windshield of the vehicle he was riding in as a passenger in Michigan. White died from blunt force trauma at the hospital.

The four defendants, ranging in age from 15 to 17, were initially charged as adults and facing 11 charges, including second-degree murder. They have now collectively agreed to plead guilty to manslaughter with the original charges dropped.

The fifth defendant in the case, 18-year-old Kyle Anger, is due in court August 6. He did not appear Monday. Anger has not agreed to a plea deal, and the other four are now agreeing to testify against him.

The original charge of second-degree murder carried a maximum sentence of life in prison, but the four that pleaded guilty to manslaughter will now face far lighter sentencing. The maximum is 15 years, but it is unknown if they will be sentenced as adults or juveniles.

At the time of his death, White had four children and was engaged to be married.

Prosecutors stated the five defendants threw at least 20 rocks that day, ranging from one to 20 pounds each. The rock throwing was referred to as ‘dinging.’

After the rock struck White, the teens had a meal at McDonald’s, unaware they had fatally injured their victim.

* Photo credit Associated Newspapers Limited